Introducing… the Product Agency

I’ve had a pretty amazing journey in digital.

When I was 13, I ran an unsuccessful BBS (Bulletin Board Service). When I was 15, I learnt Photoshop and Pagemaker and started an underground newspaper at school.

At 16, I started a website and built many many more from there.

I ran a successful and rather large digital agency for 18 years.

And after that, I headed up (digital) “product” at one of Australia’s largest media businesses.

I have never been that fascinated by digital businesses however.

Freelancer. Canva. Amazon.

Sure, they’re amazing, though they don’t struggle with digital.

Instead, as someone who has spent years and years working for clients building apps and websites and emails, I have been fascinated by traditional businesses and how they have embraced it all.

By all accounts, not terribly well.

So, whilst cooking is my passion at home, building digital products at work is my other passion.

Which is why I am back agency side… with a new agency, The Product Agency.

A new model, a new approach to helping clients – traditional businesses – to migrate from digital to product and to genuinely and sustainably achieve product success. To successfully build successful product.

The wine and food wont stop, though that’s the fun of it right!